vrijdag 22 oktober 2010

Fallout: New Vegas

On request, my thoughts on Fallout: New Vegas!

I bought this game last week and I sold it to a friend yesterday: It sucks. I didn't really like Fall-out 3 but I finished most of the game, but this game is just not worth it.

A lot of bugs have come up which ruin the game: Game set-backs bodies that keep standing after killed even the X-box got stuck at some point.

Though the story is pretty good, not as good as Fall-out 3 but for those RPG fans it should be great.

If you can look over the bugs and have the patience to do so I would advice you to play this game, but if you are like me: SELL it now before your friends read this :)

One plus point: Good intro movie! (Yes I like game movies)

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