zaterdag 23 oktober 2010

War in gaming world

The last few weeks there have been several ''anonymous'' employees of big gaming companies, that gave a little inside information. It's clear that it wasn't on the positive side :D

EAlouse, gave a litle inside into the EA company. Yes that company that release a new version of game titles every other day. They don't really care about quality, because they know you will buy it anyway. Playing FIFA 2009 when FIFA 2010 is out is pretty silly, right.....?

The inside he gave into Warhammer intrested me a lot. This game had so much potential to battle with the other big MMO, but it failed greatly. Why?

''First, the project leaders did not know what they were doing. Jeff Hickman was the saddest excuse for a producer I’ve seen. All he did was drink the Koolaid and suck up to the right people. He was the perfect yes-man, and this reached down to almost all managers.

My boss who will not be named, again and again would tell us that Rob Denton, one of the original owners, said we should “do this” and “do that” and we would say “omg it makes NO sense, please explain A, B, and C to him. “And then he’d come back and tell us, after we thought he had gone to talk with him,” No, Rob wants in this way. Jeff agrees, this is what we’re going to do. Understood? ” They never actually talked back to Rob. We didn’t talk back to them.

Rob said jump, our leaders said, “How high?! And on who?”

So we shut up and did what we were told, by people too afraid to tackle real problems. It is a culture of fear, especially since Mark Jacobs was fired.

Oh, he left voluntarily you say? No, he was fired, and everything placed on his shoulders by those closest to him so they could divide his salary and annual bonus. I bet Rob is enjoying that sweet new Maserati he bought after leaving the knife in his partner of 15 years.''

Seems like EA needs so HRM department to keep there employees in line!

Look into his blog it' s a interesting read, I might pick out some more information from his blog over the next few weeks.

They might have failed the game, the intro movie is pretty good :)

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  1. That was a nice trailer :D

  2. meh, sounds like a bad working atmosphere.

  3. never played the tabletop warhammer, wish i did though

  4. Yeah, I agree with aGas. I'd hate to work there, but aside from that, I feel like the Warhammer 40k universe just isn't that popular.

  5. wow ...backstabbing bastard!, nice video though

  6. Love the trailer. Surprises me that there's that much hostility amongst EA.