donderdag 21 oktober 2010

World of Warcraft: Cataclysm-intro (First blog!)

So starting today I will post something about the latest games everyday!

Today I will give my few on WoW: Catalysm.

WoW died with the comming of the Lich king almost 2 years ago now. It became way to easy and anyone playing 10 hours a week could be the king of the game. For some reason though blizzard is able to keep millions of custumers tied to the game. So there dooing something good....

One of the good things they are doing is making awesome cinematic.Starcraft 2 was a great example but they new Catalysm intor is a master piece aswell....the game sucks but the the cinematic are awesome.

4 opmerkingen:

  1. i dont really like wow, but this looks great, you should review fallout new vegas,i would like to see that, or alien swarm on steam.

  2. haha deathwing owns everyone :P